Tuesday, 17 June 2008

And now for the bad news....

Amidst the rejoicing on the push given to the TLM by Cardinal Castillon, and the follow up by Pope Benedict XVI on giving communion kneeling, there are a few warning signs that traditionalists shouldn't get too carried away with joy just yet. In fact, we are going to have to take our lumps on some issues - such as calendar reform.
New Liturgical Movement now has the full text of the Cardinal's comments to the Latin Mass Society, and there are hints of further changes to the 1962 Missal.
In addition, take careful note of the following comment:

"I am aware that the response of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” with regard to the observance of Holy Days of obligation has caused a certain amount of disturbance in some circles. It should be noted that the dates of these Holy Days remain the same in both the Missal of 1962 and the Missal of 1970. When the Holy See has given the Episcopal Conference of a given country permission to move certain Holy Days to the following Sunday, this should be observed by all Catholics in that country. Nothing prevents the celebration of the Feast of the Ascension, for example, on the prior Thursday, but it should be clear that this is not a Mass of obligation and that the Mass of the Ascension should also be celebrated on the following Sunday. This is a sacrifice which I ask you to make with joy as a sign of your unity with the Catholic Church in your country."

That's us folks. We need to start the campaign to restore the celebration of feasts on their proper days straight away. Someone care to start a petition....

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Peter said...

Well, that was predictable and consistent with the advice given regarding St Joseph and the Ascension by PCED previously, and logical given Pope Benedicts device of 2 forms of the one rite ….

I have two comments about this.

One, in relation to this advice from the good Cardinal, this is ANOTHER ruling given virtually in private. For goodness sake, if PCED, and for the matter the Holy Father, want to give directions about how the extraordinary form should be celebrated, including how the, or what, calendar should and/or may be observed then I wish they would do it in a way which is accessible. Perhaps this would require a certain cooperation from the bishops, but there is the internet, but on that hand we know the Vatican website is an absolute dog ……..

Two, Personally I’m all for it – in fact let’s have all 10 canonical Holy Days observed on their actual day.
But, not wishing to seem a grump, if Australian ‘traditionalists’ opine for the official return of the Holy Days to their proper place in the OF and EF then they would have to lift their game, as the turn out for the observance of feasts such as the Ascension, which are celebrated on the canonical day in the EF in many places, is in short, utterly pathetic and the general response/actual support as ‘as weak as [the proverbial]’.

One might even infer that, despite all the huff & puff, when it is all said and done I think your average ‘antipodean traditionalista’ is pretty happy with this undemanding ‘Holy Day Transferred to the Sunday’ regime we have here in the sunburnt country, though maybe they get a warm feeling about the fact that someone is celebrating on the day ….. I guess our limey cousins are made of sterner stuff.

yours cynically