Thursday, 29 May 2008

World Youth Day: Ecumenism runs amok again?

I have to admit that I've always had my doubts about World Youth Day. Still the attempt to carve out a corner for traddies in Juventutem where things might be a little more controlled seemed a good one.

But I really do think it is problematic when the Church appears to compromise fundamental principles in the name of 'ecumenism'. Today's news includes two stories that should send shivers down every orthodox Catholic's spine:

Islamic school to host pilgrims

First it seems some 300 pilgrims will be 'hosted' by the Malek Fahd Islamic School, a co-educational primary and high school in Greenacre.

Now correct me if I'm wrong,but I thought the objective of World Youth Day was to fire up young people in their faith - not to put them to the test! Let's hope they've selected pilgrims who are already well catechised and have their apologetics at their fingertips.

'Scripture only' Stations of the Cross

Even more alarmingly, the Stations of the Cross to be staged through the streets of Sydney have been censored - with six of the traditional stations which do not have a Scriptural basis being dropped - in the interests of avoiding any hint of anti-semitism, or, more to the point one suspects, offending Sydney's rabid 'Bible Christians'.

Give me a break.

World Youth Day is supposed to be about teaching and showcasing the Catholic faith. A faith that honours both Scripture and Tradition.

This is not a good sign of what is to come.


David said...

The WYD song is written and sung by the heretical afro-wearing Pentecostalist from Adelaide Guy Sebastian. He's a big fan of sodomy, too, and his "church" calls ours the "Whore of Babylon".

Louise said...

I have been trying to work out which of the stations are "anti-semitic" and haven't come across a single one. (Mind you I also am not sure which ones are being excluded!). And if this is for the benefit of protestants, I would ask when was the last time they compromised their beliefs in favour of the Catholics? How can we convince anyone that the Catholic Church is the True Church if we compromise like this.

This is also telling the young Catholics who are coming that we can chop and change to suit everyone. Cafeteria Catholics here we come!

David said...

I cou7nt as a "Youth" for WYD purposes, but an old fart for vocations purposes. Do I pay the thousand odd bucks that it's likely to cost to get to WYD only to see a whole lot of irreverence And defiance of the Holy Father, even to his face? Iuventutem does great work, Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart are steadfast in the faith, Br Mannes Tellis OP is an Adelaide Traddie Deacon working with the Dominican WYD apostolate but, well, there's heresy goin' on!

Terra said...

Louise, I can't see how Veronica's veil or any other non-Scriptural references could possibly have an anti-semitical effect. I'm guesing that this is a politiclaly correct justification, and the real issue are assorted protestant groups (urged recently by AB Jensen to remember to continue to protest at Rome's perfidiousness).

Mind you, I can't see that sticking to Scripture will really switch them off.

Personally I think the Muslims as pilgrim hosts is the more dangerous innovation.