Friday, 16 May 2008

A personal parish for the TLM pretty please?

New Liturgical Movement has a translation of an article in Osservatore Romano on the new FSSP personal parish in Rome. As you will recall, the FSSP has been given a much larger Church to operate out of in Rome, and will be raised to the status of a personal parish:

Thanks to Fr Finigan ( for the link to their very nice new website:

The important part of the latest report is Cardinal Castillon Hoyes' comment that the Pope's decision is intended to set an example relating to the encouragement of personal parishes for the Extraordinary Form in the Motu Proprio:

"...But - adds Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos - "the realization of a personal parish also has an exemplary value for other dioceses, both in Italy and elsewhere."

The Motu Proprio, you will recall, includes this provision:

"Art. 10. The ordinary of a particular place, if he feels it appropriate, may erect a personal parish in accordance with can. 518 for celebrations following the ancient form of the Roman rite, or appoint a chaplain, while observing all the norms of law."

Now wouldn't that be a nice gesture for the various Australian bishops who have established TLM communities within their dioceses to make!

Perhaps we should all say a few prayers, as we fast today, for this intention, or offer tomorrow's fast up?!

In any case, you can read the full article here:

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