Friday, 2 May 2008

More on the calendar

London-based Australian Alcuin Reid has written a good commentary on the calendar issue. Comments as ever by the indomitable Fr Z:

Fr Z's comments I think indicate the problems caused by describing the TLM as the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite. At the time the Pope came up with this solution, it seemed like a neat technical solution to the problem, even if in reality the two forms seemed more like two rites in practice.

But if the 'one rite' line is going to be pushed to its logical conclusion - as Peter suggests in Fr Z's comments, if Star Trek's evil robotic borg insist on trying to assimilate us and eliminating our diversity - as seems to be suggested by the PCED ruling, then there are big problems ahead. The idea of a unified calendar isn't actually new - at least one of the traditional monasteries (Jouques) follows the new calendar, and uses its readings even for extraordinary form masses (with permission from PCED). But I'd have to say it leads to some fairly bizarre results at times - the classic was a first reading that ended with a line saying something like '...and they sang....' - clearly a lead in to a responsorial psalm that never came, and certainly didn't fit the graduale that did!

Of course, the best outcome would be for the TLM to truly exercize a 'gravitational pull' on the novus ordo. This would entail persuading the bishops to restore the celebration of feasts on their proper days, coupled with some sensible revision of the novus ordo calendar in the light of the traditional one.

I think we need to start praying and writing.....perhaps the time has come for a 'petite petition Australienne' (aka the Collins petition on clerical celibacy and women priests) of a more orthodox colour then the last one the Australian bishop's conference received?

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