Friday, 16 May 2008

More on the calendar debate - Give us back/let us keep our feastdays!

Inside Catholic has a nice piece arguing for a return to celebrating feasts such as the Ascension on the actual feast day:

Corpus Christi next week is another such feast - celebrated on Thursday May 22 in the Extraordinary Form, but the following Sunday in the Ordinary Form.

Cardinal Pell's sermon for Pentecost highlighted the importance of living a committed, examined life that truly gives witness to Christ. He particularly highlighted the need for solidarity with other catholics. He said:

"Genuine witnesses show the way, point to the truth, inspire and motivate. They find strength in difficulties and struggle to overcome personal weakness. Tradition is constituted by a chain of such witnesses across generations and centuries..... A truly Catholic witness loves the Catholic community, has Catholic friends, regularly worships and prays..."

If we truly want to restore a catholic culture and sense of solidarity with each other, we need to look at this kind of things to help do it, even though by themselves they may seem a low priority, in fact they are vital to maintaining the fabric of our faith. Regular worship doesn't just mean Sundays!

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