Monday, 12 May 2008

Monday in the Octave of Pentecost - On octaves

As those with access to the TLM celebrate the octave, Vultus Christi has a poignant reflection on its abolition in the Ordinary Form. Fr Mark tells the story of Paul VI weeping when he realized what he had done:

"The story goes that on the Monday after Pentecost in 1970 His Holiness Pope Paul VI rose early and went to his chapel for Holy Mass. Instead of the red vestments he expected, green ones were laid out for him. He asked the Master of Ceremonies, "What on earth are these for? This is the Octave of Pentecost! Where are the red vestments?" "Your Holiness," replied the Master of Ceremonies, "this is now The Time Throughout the Year. It is green, now. The Octave of Pentecost is abolished." "Green? That cannot be," said the Pope, "Who did that?" "Your Holiness, you did." And Paul VI wept."

I don't know if it is apocryphal or not, but its a great story. For the rest of the reflection on this important subject, go here:

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Terra said...

By way of a footnote, Fr Z is the source for this story, told to him by one of Pope Paul VI's attendants (see podcast for Pentecost Monday).