Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Juventutem - Sign up now!

The deadline to register for Juventutem Australia (World Youth Day) has been extended until the end of May, so its not too late to sign up:

Among the events in the programme are "A Chant Event" - a Gregorian chant masterclass directed by internationally acclaimed chant expert, Scott Turkington, and Solemn Pontifical Vespers and Benediction, celebrated by His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell.

It seems shame for young traddies not to take the opportunity to be part of an occasion like the Pope's visit, yet protected from the full horrors of WYD!

I'm curious about how much publicity there has been for this excellent initiative in different TLM communities - in our own there has been virtually none (apart from a rosary making exercise for the Holy Father a while back). Perhaps those in the age group are in the know, but the rest of us are curious about what is feel free to add a comment on this.

In any case, if you haven't signed up yet, do it!

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