Monday, 26 May 2008

Juventutem Australia's official Sydney launch

Thanks to Terra's spies for the beautiful photo of the official Sydney launch of Juventutem Australia on Saturday, above, at the splendid Church of St. Augustine in Balmain. The one below is from the ybenedict site:

It is not yet too late to register for Juventutem, or for the chant workshops being run through June as part of it!

Go here to take a look:

The New Liturgical Movement blog also has the story.

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Stephen said...

Beautiful pics - very Puginesque!!

I was in that church for a wedding in 2004 before it was renovated, and it was in really bad repair, so congrats to the PP Fr Camillieri to making it happen. I am pleased that the freestanding Altar used for the OF Masses could be shifted as it looked to me to be quite solid.