Thursday, 29 May 2008

Get ready for Friday: World Day of Prayer for the sanctification of priests

The wonderfully activist and innovative (in a good way!) Congregation for the Clergy has asked for the Feast of the Sacred Heart to be celebrated as a World Day of Prayer for the sanctification of priests:

The aims of the day of prayer are several: first to make reparation for the faults and sins of priests; to pray for the vocations that are so desperately needed; and of course for young men to take the time to consider the possibility that they might have a vocation

But the Congregation is also asking for women from all states of life to consider becoming a spiritual mother for priests

"Independent of age or social status, any woman can become a mother for priests. This type of motherhood is not only for mothers of families, but is just as possible for an unmarried girl, a widow, or for someone who is ill. It is especially pertinent for missionaries and religious sisters who have given their lives entirely to God for the sanctification of others."

Women can often be both the physical and spiritual mothers of their sons, the Congregation notes, encouraging them to consider vocations as priests or religious, and to strive for holiness.

But all women, whether married, single or religious, can be called to this cause. One example is the Venerable Conchita of Mexico (1862-1937):

"Jesus once explained to Conchita, “There are souls, who through ordination receive a priestly anointing. However, there are ... also priestly souls who do not have the dignity or the ordination of a priest, yet have a priestly mission. They offer themselves united to me…these souls help the Church in a very powerful spiritual way. … You will be the mother of a great number of spiritual children, yet they will cost your heart the death of a thousand martyrs.

Bring yourself as an offering for the priests. Unite your offering with my offering, to obtain graces for them.” … “I want to come again into this world. … in my priests. I want to renew the world by revealing myself through the priests. I want to give my Church a powerful impulse in which I will pour out the Holy Spirit over my priests like a new Pentecost."

The document on spiritual motherhood is full of wonderful, inspirational stories. So consider it, and get ready for Friday ladies (and gentlemen)!

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