Thursday, 1 May 2008

Feast of the Ascension...for now anyway!

Today is the feast of the Ascension - at least in the Extraordinary Form (outside of the UK), and in the Ordinary Form in places where the bishops haven't shifted the feast to the Sunday (so in Australia our novus ordo friends are not celebrating today...).

Amazingly, in secular France, it is still a public holiday.

I'd have to say of all the feasts in the calendar, on the face of it this is the oddest to transfer from the day given its Scriptural basis as the 'forty days' after the Resurrection. But perhaps I'm being a little too fundamentalist in my thinking??

Anyway, have a joyous feast day, and listen to some of the marvelous music this feast has inspired - you tube has a few versions of Ascendit Deus, a link follows for your enjoyment.

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