Saturday, 31 May 2008

Bring back the Index?

There are times when bishops must long for the good old days - when they could just prohibit Catholics from reading certain books for example.

Instead, they are now faced with demands for a detailed statement of what is erroneous in Bishop Robinson's book, Confronting Sex and Power.

At first it looked like just an isolated call, but now it is now appearing in all the usual places, including the Jesuit Journal Eureka Street:

Well, presumably at some point the Congregation for the Doctine of Faith might well put out a statement on the nature of the errors. In the meantime, the clear implication of the bishops' statement on the book was, don't read it.

What part of dangerous to the faith don't people understand? Catholics shouldn't be reading this book accompanied by a line by line summary of what's wrong in it, they simply shouldn't be reading it at all!

I mean let's start with some basics. Apparently the book argues that the roots of the abuse scandal lie in things like clerical celibacy. If that's the case, why is it that the Adelaide Anglican's have already paid out about $9m in damages claims, and are in the process of selling some of the Archbishop's inner city residence in order to fund outstanding claims?:,25197,23781250-5006787,00.html

Questions do need to be asked about how the scandals could happen, and good books do perhaps need to be written on the subject. Bishop Robinson's book clearly isn't one of them.

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