Monday, 26 May 2008

Bishop Power speaks out in support of Bishop Robinson

You might recall Bishop Geoffrey Robinson. He's the retired Sydney bishop currently touring America to promote his book advocating the ordination of women priests, abolition of the hierarchical constitution of the Church, and much more. The book was recently condemned as containing erroneous material by the Australian Bishop's Conference, and the bishop was asked not to speak by the bishops of a number of US dioceses (and the Vatican).

Well now another semi-retired bishop, Patrick Power, Auxiliary of Canberra-Goulburn (currently on 'long service leave'), has come out in support of Bishop Robinson. He has submitted a long and apparently 'unsolicited statement of heartfelt support' to the (a-)'Catholica' website.

It is strong stuff. He extols Robinson's Christ-like qualities, and compares him to reforming saints like Blessed Mary McKillop who were persecuted in their time:

"So many of these heroic members of the Church have been dismissed or condemned in their own day only to be fully understood and appreciated later on. I think of Blessed Mary MacKillop and Catherine Macauley as well as many distinguished theologians "under a cloud" prior to the Second Vatican Council. History has shown that immediate judgements very often are subsequently proved to be wrong."

Unfortunately Bishop Robinson is not just dealing in ground that is a matter of theological opinion. He appears to be contradicting defined dogma.

It is also full of the virtues of Spirit of Vatican IIism:

"In calling the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII sought to "open the windows" to allow the winds of the Holy Spirit to renew the life of the Church. It saddens me that much of the openness which Vatican II stood for is now being shut down."

Yes, well.


David said...

This is what Roger Cardinal Mahony said to Bishop Robinson:

Bear in mind that Cardinal Mahony is probably the most "Spirit of Vatican II" Cardinal in the college. His annual "Catholic Education" Masses are usually a parade of liturgical dancers and chicks with pyx and rainbow sashes and all the usual irreverence. He's possibly the most sodomy-friendly Cardinal in the world.

If Cardinal Mahony bans you from his diocese, you've gotta be a long way from the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

This is not of course Bishop Power's first excursion in the world of dissent: see for example


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I echo what David said...(being in LA)