Thursday, 22 May 2008

The assault on the family continues

The fight is on again in Australia, with several attempts to legislate the idea that children are either altogether irrelevant to sexual relationships, or mere commodities without rights, to be disposed of at will, in play.

In NSW, legislation to recognise gay and lesbian non-biological 'parents' of children is currently under consideration:

In Victoria, the bishops have written a pastoral letter on the attempt to legalise abortion there:

In the ACT, the 'Civil Partnerships Act' has just passed.

Of course, not all of the push is coming from outside the Church. In South Australia, the Archbishop is apparently going to give an award to a radio show on the problems that ageing queers have in continuing in their path of sin:,22606,23715308-5006301,00.html

The family is what makes us human. We do, of course, have free will, enabling us to make our own choices in life. And we all have different capacities dictated by our individually created souls.

All the same, we are not like the angels, each an individual species.

Through our parents we inherit the genes of our ancestors, going all the way back to our common ancestors, Adam and Eve. Through that heritage all humanity shares in Original Sin.

And for better or worse, the family provides the environment that can condition our responses to life. The family is integral to our humanity, not a mere accident.

For that reason, the Pope has recently reiterated the importance of defending the institution of the family, and rejecting the idea of pseudo-marriage relationships:

And see also the useful collection of quotes over at Rorate Caeli:

The defence of the family has to look to the public sphere, and the fight against legislation like that proposed in NSW and Victoria.

But, as the Pope pointed out during his American trip, there is a practical level of evangelisation and action that needs to be considered to, in dealing with the effects of dysfunctional families that certainly do nothing to aid our sanctification.

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