Tuesday, 6 May 2008

ACT Government devastated at Rudd's rejection of gay marriage

In another early positive sign, the Rudd Government has dug in and rejected the Australian Capital Territory (ie Canberra, capital of Australia) Government's attempts to introduce legislation legalising homosexual marriage.

The legislation had been rejected under the previous Howard Government - but the locals decided to have another go given that the Government had changed. But Mr Rudd - in line with Labor's Party Platform - has said he would overrule it. The local yokels are calling it a 'dreadful day for the Labor party'!

The bad news is that the compromise legislation still allows a ceremony of some kind to be held, and the relationship to be 'registered', but gives it no legal status. However, in the circumstances, it is probably the best possible outcome.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the debate, I'd have to say is seeing the ACT's Catholic Liberal Senator Gary Humphries out there condemning Mr Rudd for threatening to overrule the ACT's legislation, on the grounds of 'Territory rights'. He actually crossed the floor to vote against the Howard legislation overruling the previous ACT bill.

If a higher level Government has the power to exercise a veto of a clearly immoral law, I can't see any argument for not using it.

And as for 'Territory rights', it needs to be remembered that in the only referendum ever conducted on self-government for the ACT , territory residents said they didn't want it...they got it anyway.

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