Sunday, 20 April 2008

More on the talkfest

My correspondent has sent me an addendum to his earlier comments. First I think from the media report of the event:

"The delegates will soon break into 10 groups where they will begin intensive discussions on the thousands of ideas which have been submitted."

He comments:

'I hope they had lots of butcher's (or other ...) paper and finger paint.'

You will be horrified to know that they do!!!! The excellent Annabel Crabbe's blog of the event notes that by lunchtime Saturday:

"Already, a huge quantity of butchers' paper seems to have been sacrificed to the cause of 2020, despite early if slightly querulous promises from the Prime Minister's office that none would be involved.

In the Communities group, led by Tim Costello, great drifts of it have already been plastered to the walls, full of aspirational messages and nagging rhetorical questions.``How do we achieve a vision of inclusivity?'' and so on."

She goes on:

"The great thing about this sort of language is that it can be rearranged and read backwards, forwards or any which way and it still means roughly the same thing.``How do we include a vision of achievement?''``How do we envision an achievement of inclusion?''After the ``small groups'' session of the Communities group, the facilitator told participants: ``We've asked you to turn the challenges into the big questions''.Totally reversible. Try it."

Read the comments box for her ongoing story of the Event (no doubt including the fingerpaint side of things), here is the link:

Now I know we should be praying for our 'best and brightest' as they develop their grand plan for our future. But something tells me God is letting free will take its course on this one....

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