Saturday, 19 April 2008

Daily TLM availability in Australia???

The new Wiki Missa ( is a great new resource for TLM times and locations, both SSPX and approved. It seems much more up-to-date than any of the ohter listings around (the Oriens website's list for example, is hopelessly out of date on this). So hopefully it can provide a basis for tracking the spread of the TLM in the wake of Summorum Pontificum.

There are some oddities that immediately hit you though when you look at the material. Can it really be the case, for example, that Sydney, with its five resident FSSP priests, doesn't have a publicly advertised daily TLM? Certainly the FSSP and Maternal Heart websites suggest you won't find one on Monday or Wednesday, or even most Fridays and Saturdays. Is this a case of an out of date website? Or are there private masses happening that everyone interested knows about? Can someone help me out here?

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Anonymous said...

You can find the listings of Latin Masses in Melbourne via the Glorificamus blogpage