Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Communion in the hand: a campaign for Australia?

I promised a good bishop story for today, and here it is, the Archbishop of Lima, Peru, H.E. Juan Luis Card. Cipriani Thorne, has banned communion in the hand in his diocese:

The story has now made the Tablet - see Fr Z's spruiking of the article here:

My question is, how can we encourage our own bishops to do likewise?

This is an important issue to me personally, and it goes to the loss of the sense of the Real Presence and the uniqueness of the priestly vocation, so evident in many parishes.

But I have to admit, while its importance is self-evident to me, its significance isn't at all evident to the novus ordo devotees I know, even those who practice regular eucharistic adoration. Part of the problem I think is that communion on the tongue needs to be linked to reducing (or preferably eliminating altogether) the use of extraordinary ministers of holy communion.

So is there any point in writing to our bishops advocating a change? Starting a petition? Or do we need to launch a serious grassroots level campaign to persuade people to receive on the tongue voluntarily first?

My guess is the last approach is what it will take. So how do we start? Articles for diocesan newspapers? Sacrifice ourselves by going to novus ordo masses en masse and kneeling to receive on the tongue by way of demonstration value?

I'd love to hear suggestions...

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