Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cardinal Pell 'at it again' - Bill of rights for Australia? No thanks!

This time the Cardinal is speaking out against the idea of a bill of rights for Australia, and on this one I'm with him 100%. You can read a report of his comments here:

His main argument is that it is an abrogation of the rights of parliament in favour of the unelected judiciary. Very true, particularly given that most of the examples cited by advocates of such a bill relate to legislation that has been passed by our elected parliament (such as the terror laws, detention of illegal immigrants, etc), not allegedly discriminatory acts by individuals.

Cardinal Pell cites the example of Canada's unhappy experiences with such a bill (which has seen bishops taken to court for condemning the practice of homosexuality), but England's has been equally disastrous (resulting in people who refuse to advocate for homosexuality no longer allowed to be foster parents for example).

The Cardinal's nicest line is perhaps to point out that the existence of a bill of rights hasn't done anything to help the situation in Zimbabwe!

No surprise that this idea got a guernsey at the recent the 2020 Summit - the forces in favour of a bill of rights have been getting ready for a while. See for example the left-wing e-journal New Matilda's page on this:

Many of the usual suspects among the 'Catholic' community in Australia will no doubt be strongly in favour of such a Bill. The rest of us probably need to think about similarly organising.

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