Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank you...

Dear readers, first this is not a return to blogging, but rather a bit of an explanatory note and thank you.

Firstly I wanted to thank all of those who have written or spoken to me inquiring about the blog - apologies for not getting back to you individually, but I really have appreciated your notes.

Let me assure everyone that I'm not ill, nor have I been bullied out of blogging.  In fact I've been cheered by various developments over the last several months that seem to have been positive outcomes for issues I've campaigned on (though whether or not my particular efforts actually contributed to the outcomes is an open question).   And in fact I was rather entertained by a recent ad hominem attack on traditionally inclined bloggers by one of that dying breed of 'liberal' heretics recently; I was flattered by the company he put me in, and thought that the series of posts simply exposed the author for what he is.

That said, my health has been fairly bad in recent times and I still do have some bad periods, but on the whole I'm greatly improved and finally able to actually get on top of things again.  But the long period of ill-health means that I have a lot of catching up on various things to do, and so I'm focusing on other things at the moment.

I'd also have to admit though, that blogging on things ecclesial at the moment (the odd positves notwithstanding) just seems to me a tad too depressing.  This seems to me to be a time for traditionalists to focus on getting our own spiritual and other lives in order, and ensuring that we give no excuses to those who view us as a threat to their cosy empires and narrow, outdated worldviews, rather than as an environment in which campaigning for positive change is likely to be effective.

So thank you again to those who have written, spoken or thought about me and the blog; please do keep me in your prayers, and who knows, perhaps the blog will yet again do a Lazarus in the fullness of time...

*PS: On the meantime, while I'm not much of a fan of facebook, you can find me occasionally on twitter: @kate_edwards_oz, or if you are interested in Benedictine spirituality and/or the psalms, over at my other blogs.

*PPS And do feel free to email me offline.

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